COOKING DEMONSTRATION AND MEAL (6-10 people. Demonstration lasts approx 1 hour 15 munutes before your meal):

Join Annabel for a cooking demonstration with a group of your friends, where you'll sit back  at home with your copy of the recipes, nibble on prawn crackers and watch as Annabel cooks her way through various dishes. Learn her tips and techniques to produce a delicious meal which you will all enjoy afterwards.  Annabel provides  information on buying ingredients, gives details of equipment that she finds useful and provides shortcuts to take if time is limited, answering any questions that you may have as the session goes along.

Cost: £35 per person

Example menu 1

Prawn crackers and sweet chilli sauce

Thai green curry paste

Thai green chicken curry

Green papaya salad

Thai stir fried vegetables

Steamed thai jasmine rice

Home-made Coconut ice cream with mixed spiced berries (not demonstrated)


Example menu 2

Prawn crackers and sweet chilli sauce

Tom Yam soup

Thai red curry paste

Thai red beef curry

Thai steamed jasmine rice

Thai stir fried vegetables

Home-made ice cream with coconut cookies (not demonstrated)


Example menu 3

Prawn crackers and sweet chilli sauce

Chicken and sweetcorn soup

Chinese ribs in black bean sauce

Stir fried rice

Stir fried vegetables

Home-made guava jelly with tropical fruit (not demonstrated)


COOKING DEMONSTRATION AND TASTING (10+ people. Demonstration lasts approx 1 hour 15 minutes):

As above, but instead of a meal enjoy a small taste of each of the dishes afterwards. (Excludes dessert)

Cost: £15 per person


Annabel is available to give cooking demonstations in schools to encourage cultural awareness and develop pupils appreciation of South East Asian cooking.

Cost: POA